We have launched civ.works, a privacy-protected, ad-free social network that provides a familiar, intuitive way to connect with your friends and networks. We have seamlessly integrated civic actions such as attending a local town hall, going to a rally, writing a letter to the local newspaper or to an elected official and other effective tools (beyond petitions) so you, your friends and communities can drive real and lasting change.

We are privacy-protected -so your data remains yours -we do not sell it to marketers, advertisers or political groups or operatives.

Our platform allows many great organizations such as the ACLU, MomsRising, Action Group Network, Indivisible and others to distribute important actions for you as an engagement opportunity.

WHAT WE’RE WORKING TOWARD: Do you think Wal*Mart should pay its fair share of taxes? Do you think your drinking water should be good tasting and free of dangerous chemicals? Should we protect our treasured national parks and reserves for our families and future generations of Americans? Should our colleges and universities prepare students for their careers without burdening them with vast debt? Should secret individuals or groups undermine our ability to be represented by our government through the corrupting influence of huge campaign contributions? 

There are issues we all care about regardless of political side. And when Congress or our state or local elected officials are unable or unwilling to act on our behalf -we intend to provide the tools we need as citizens to get things done. We will help you adopt legislation for local use so you can ask your representatives enact it -or we will guide you to get citizen-led initiatives on the ballot -together we will drive out corruption and bring transparency and accountability back into the process of governing.

This is not about Democrats winning or Republicans winning. 

This is about America winning -for our families, our neighbors, our communities and future generations.

Your donations will help us continue to pay for hosting operations, important new features and our work on the third pillar of civ.works which is called "Consensus". Consensus is what will bring society out of political, ideologically-entrenched positions and help us work together on common values.

civ.works is here. Help us build the next phase!


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